Beautiful Bridal Gowns

If you like wedding photography, chances are, you may love beautiful bridal gowns and wedding dresses like I do too!

I think one of the biggest and main decisions that brides have to make during the period before their wedding day is their choice of the bridal dresses. It has to be something which they will love forever as the memory will be etched forever through online and offline photographs because a marriage between a couple is forever.

wedding dress 1

Look at the bridal gown, I think such sleeveless wedding dresses are truly beautiful. Somehow it looks more modern, and makes the woman look elegant and sexy at the same time. Makes them look so beautiful – you should get this on if you want to stun your husband 😉

wedding gown 2 On the other hand, if you prefer something with straps, then you could opt for them too. In my opinion, as long as they are sleeveless and you have relatively slim and toned arms, the wedding gown will look absolutely stunning on you during your actual day ceremony as well as any pre wedding photo shoots sessions you may have!

bridal gown Of course, some brides (maybe you?) prefer dresses which are less ‘hard’ and ‘rigid’ and more soft. Of course, they look great as well! Remember, the key I feel to having a great wedding gown is to make sure they’re sleeveless 😛

I genuinely think they look that much more elegant – and more importantly, they look more fun and more modern! After all, if you were to look at Victorian age bridal gowns, they all pretty much have sleeves and look really frumpy everywhere. That’s outdated. Ladies, please follow the best looking trends – this is something that’s going to stick with you throughout your life :) Make sure you get something great which suits your tastes and your figure as well so that you will look amazing in photographs!

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Wedding Photography Inspiration

If you are searching for some amazing wedding photo inspiration, then you’re clearly in luck. I love bridal photographs taken by great marriage photographers and here I’m going to share with you some of the very best I have ever seen.

Personally I love the ideas that Academy of Photography shared in the above video. There are 15 different poses in the bridal images shared in the video footage above and I love most of them!

I shall discuss about some of my favorite ones from that list compilation.

I like the idea at 2:43 where it is known as ‘depth of field’ couple shot. It looks amazing because it shows a clear sense of depth in the video, of one of the spouse standing much further behind / in front of the other!

Another very interesting pose which I like a lot (also very popular among couples) is the hedge as shown around 3:30 of the above video. It looks very intimate and makes for a gorgeous bridal image.

The ‘discipline’ one at 6:18 is also pretty cool and abstract looking. I am actually not sure why he called it that name but it looks cool.

I actually love the crazy funny faces idea. It looks fun, exciting and can be a great way to relax all the guests. Some guests or people (or maybe even the couple) may feel uptight and very serious during the actual day wedding ceremony and having fun photos or videos being taken can greatly and effectively loosen up the atmosphere and this is great.

Other than the above ideas, many couples are also able to think of interesting poses. The key is to not limit your imagination. In fact, most photographs and poses are only limited by your imagination, and they are seldom limited by the photographer. Thus, let loose your creative minds and just think of whatever idea you have and execute it out! At least, it’s your special day – so why not feel free to express yourself :) haha.

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How To Have Beautiful Wedding Photographs Like Megan

I’m sure you have fallen in love with the beautiful wedding images that I have shared with you in my previous posts about Megan Fox. I just love how elegant and natural she looks like in the bridal photographs and I would like to provide you some advice on how to have such stunning wedding footage of yourself and your spouse too!

First of all, you should first be clear about what kind of wedding photographs you like. Some people like pictures with city and urban landscape in the backdrop while others prefer a place of nature. Make sure you think through this before even going out to look for your bridal photographer!

Next of all, it is good and utmost necessary that you check out the portfolio belonging to the photographer or the wedding photography company. This is especially important because not everyone has the same idea of what makes a great looking wedding photograph. Personally I love those taken by Grandeur Bridal Studio. Hence you should go with your spouse to the bridal studio or look at their portfolio online on their websites. Make sure that both you and your spouse love the photographs (or videos if you are also going for videography) before deciding on the bridal studio. This is important because these footage is going to last with you forever.

Third of all, make sure to know what kind of style the photographer is like. Some photographers are very take charge and if you are the kind who complements that then great, otherwise you might want to find somebody else. It is important that your characters complement each other or you would find it very hard to communicate with each other if you are taking actual day wedding footage.

Finally, make sure that you always go for quality. If you had to choose between quality and competitive pricing, go for quality. This is because you can easily make the money but you cannot buy back time to retake these bridal photos once the time has passed you by.

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Wedding Photography

megan fox wedding pictureI love looking at wedding photos.. and videos for that matter. This is because I love imagining being there and be immersed in the blissful atmosphere. Everyone looks so happy and especially good in those photos! One of my favourite wedding photos of all time is…. yea you guessed it – Megan Fox wedding photos. Look at the gorgeous photo on the right! Once again, as you can possibly tell, I cannot get over the fact how amazing Megan looks like in her white wedding gown in a Hawaiian beach!

Wedding photography requires a photographer to be especially skilled.. he needs to time the right moment to capture the perfect pictures.. That is why only the top photographers in Singapore can enter bridal studios like Grandeur WEdding Singapore. Everyone in the photography or videography industry understands that clients in the wedding industry have the highest standards and expectations for the photographer or videographer because a wedding is a once in a life time event and cannot be repeated – hence the quality of the images or videos captured has to be excellent as people cannot go back wards in time to retake the footage.

The wedding footage got to really bring out the elated atmosphere with all the people’s smiles. It is not an easy task even for experienced photographers and / or videographers and few people are cut out for this role. Precisely because of this, the payment for wedding photographers is very high.. ranging from one to tens of thousands for a day’s work. There are many good wedding photographers in every countries in the world as I browsed through their portfolio on the internet.. Talents are everywhere.. Even in a tiny country like singapore.. the wedding photography industry is booming and there are also many talented individuals or companies teeming with them whom you can hire to help you and your spouse capture beautiful memories which you will fondly look back on for the rest of your lives!

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Megan Fox.. The mother of 2

Following up on my previous post here, where I mentioned that Megan Fox has got strong personalities. I’m going to elaborate more on that here..

Megan, being a mother of two sons, Noah, two, and Bodhi, eight months, Megan Fox still has to juggle her career and social life. It is certainly not easy to achieve success on all sides, but apparently she looks like she have done that. Megan Fox has just completed her filming in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in which she plays the Turtles’ good friend, reporter April O’Neil… and she displayed interest for more acting roles in films. It seems like she is still a very independent, hardworking and smart woman who clearly does not seem to want to give up her career at her prime. Aside from acting roles, she spent some time doing advertisements and endorsements too. Not forgetting her children, Megan Fox spent quality time at home to look after them too. She would personally play with them and cook for them, forging intimate bonds. She is definitely not the shallow type of women that sometimes the media will try to portray celebrities as. She also does not seem to run out of energy and passion, because she is now a wife, a mother and an actress all at the same time!

Anyway, we’re mostly talking about Megan’s wedding images, so the following are some of the bridal photographs which I have not yet shared in the previous posts. Do check out Grandeur Wedding Studio if you’re also happen to be searching for a wedding photographer.

I think she looks so adorable and her children are so cute as well in these photographs! In the following video, you also see a picture of Megan and her husband wearing plain clothes (instead of their wedding gown and suit) hugging and embracing each other. So sweet.

And of course, I truly love how they had their wedding pictures taken at Hawaii where it was also a very intimate and small event. That looks so beautiful.

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Beautiful Photography of Megan Fox

megan foxThis is one of my favourite photographs of Megan Fox. Beautiful natural backdrop.. nice colours.. and a versatile, innocent and sweet-looking face of Megan Fox. You can feel the elegant aura in the air. She just look like a perfect wife material in this photo. Behind every good photographs, there is a professional, or at least decently-skilled photographer to time precisely and capture the perfect most beautiful moment of the character. I would say the photographer has done a great job taking this photo.. but it may not be so difficult afterall as Megan Fox is simply gorgeous! hahas… a poorly-taken photograph of her may look fabulous too!

Megan Fox has been reportedly visited Singapore for a short vacation.. But I haven’t seen much of her photographs taken in Singapore around.. Singapore is a beautiful country and one of my favourite countries in the world. Just wished that there could be a professional photographer near her co-incidentally to take great pictures of her, with nice backdrops. Singapore is also known as a home to good wedding photography.

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My First Impression of Megan Fox

Personally for me, I first saw Megan Fox in the movie “Transformers” in the cinema. I vividly remember the first scene of her is her repairing her motor vehicle in tight shorts, and in a sexy position. She is so sexy! She is so perfect.. her deep eyes, flawless and beautifully-tanned skin, curvy body… just wow. Her acting in the movie was good too! She can really evoke emotions from the audience – happy, excited, nervous, anticipating, shocking.. etc. She really played the character well.

As my first impression of her was so good, I went on to research a little more about her online. Apparently, she was voted as one of the sexiest girls in the world.. and I totally agree with that! Come on, it’s a no-brainer. Apart from her sexiness, I admire her strong character and smart personalities.. will share more about them in the later posts.. unfortunately she’s married… but I will still share her beautiful and oh so gorgeous wedding images.

Anyway, look at her bridal dress.

I think it looks so amazing! I have to admit that it was also partly because her figure’s slim and curvy so most wedding gowns would look great on her. Of course, if you were to look for a good wedding studio in Singapore, you should also be able to find many different styles of bridal gowns for rental and there would definitely be many which would suit your figure, tastes and preferences.

It is important to put in the time and effort to look for your dream wedding gown. This is important because you are going to be photographed in them during both pre wedding photo shoots as well as actual day wedding ceremony. You want to wow people in it so it is extremely important that it’s perfect.

So people.. what are your first impressions of her and what do you admire about her? Comment in the comment box!

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Megan Fox Pretty Photos!

Hey guys.. this site is set up to share news, photos, and videos of Megan Fox with everyone! I will also include some beautiful photographs including Megan’s wedding photographs too.

Let’s do a little warm-up in this first post. Did you know that a Wikipedia page is set up specifically for Megan Fox?

That’s because on top of being a beauty, she is just so elegant.. intelligent.. and sexy. Her first major role was actually in Transformers. Watch the youtube video here as proof! Enjoy the video!

Anyway, with all of that said, let us move on to some of her bridal photographs.

She chose to have her wedding with her spouse at the beach. I simply love bridal pictures taken in places of nature ( has photographers who specializes in such wedding photographs) – and the beach in particular. In this case, there is one of the most beautiful women on planet Earth having her wedding images taken at the beach! Can you say perfection?

beach wedding

If you are a reader in Singapore, there are also places like Sentosa Cove where you can take photographs like the image of Megan Fox on the right. It is even better if you own a house on Sentosa Cove because it looks wonderful and anyone can own a house there (both foreigners and local – there are absolutely no restrictions). The only caveat being you better be rich.

Megan Fox In HawaiiAnyway, here is another amazing photograph of Megan Fox. She is just resting in the arms of her fiance and they look so good together! She’s actually wearing her spectacles here so that makes for a pretty different look which we seldom see Megan in.

What do you think? Do you love these wedding photographs of Megan Fox at the beach? I absolutely love them. Not sure about you…. Let me know in the comments below! I would love to know what you think about bridal photos at the beach or at places of nature (more at the beach though) because I’m a wedding photographer in Singapore!

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